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Ms. Cathy Nguyen

Founder of Truely Wonder

Cathy Nguyen is an inspiring businesswoman who has made impressive strides in business with her successful investments and ventures. She began her journey with Cathy’s Cleaners, a dry cleaning chain, and has since expanded her companies across Texas, including Cathy’s Steaks and Cathy’s Sew.

Cathy has established valuable business and investment relationships across the US and her homeland, Vietnam. Through her small business acquisitions under the L1 visa program, she has brought over 50 million USD to the US market, creating numerous job opportunities.

Wealthy US sponsors hold Cathy in high esteem, who has recruited countless foreign workers through the EB-3 program, granting them green cards and offering stable employment to hundreds of workers and their families. As a devoted teacher, she has earned the trust of many students and guided them through the EB-3 program, attracting more international students to seek her guidance and support. Cathy’s story is a true inspiration to all those who seek to make a positive impact in the business world.

Cathy’s contributions and achievements were recognized by notable individuals and organizations, including the former Governor of Texas, the mayors of Houston and Austin, the City of Austin, the Austin City Council, and the Vietnamese Consulate.